Meir Ariel  

CEO & Co-Founder

Retired from the IDF in 1993 as a Lieutenant Colonel after graduating from the Military Academy and serving as a battalion commander; served in the military reserves as the Golani Brigade’s Chief of Staff; managed a construction firm; joined A. Barak Security and lead it since 2007; co-founded Bazelet, first as a department of A. Barak and later as an independent firm fully dedicated to medical cannabis.

Izhak Regev


Retired from the military reserves as Deputy Battalion Commander; served in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA, “Shin Bet”); founder and CEO of A. Barak, a 1,200-employee security firm, which operates a highly sophisticated control center for managing thousands of surveillance cameras; co-founded Bazelet in 2015.

Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal

CSO & Co-Founder

Retired Professor of Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; author of 80 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters; was involved in more than 300 industrial projects in about 70 firms worldwide, including multina-tional, multi-billion dollar companies (20 years with the agri-giant Cargill, >$100 Billion); inventor of more than 200 patent families and patent applications; founded several startup companies.