Adjusting the dosage best suited to cannabis patients is different from most products or medications people are used to. The dosage of cannabis products is personalized and varies from person to person, regardless of body weight, type of medical symptoms, age and other factors. There are patients who will be satisfied with only one drop or inhalation and one that will need much more.

Guiding rules

Start with small dosage and proceed slowly – the exact dosage will be the lowest that provides alleviation for most of the symptoms of the disease that the patient feels with minimum adverse effects. This process is intended to examine the effects of the treatment against the incidence of adverse effects.

The order and distribution of the number of drops/ inhalations can be interchanged between day/afternoon/evening/night pursuant to personal need. For example, if the pain is mainly in the afternoon, it would be worthwhile taking then, instead of in the morning.

Commencing treatment with cannabis products with a starting dose of 1-2 inhalations/drops once or twice a day is recommended.

It is advisable to commence use of cannabis in a relaxed atmosphere and to be equipped with a cold beverage or juice (preferably not carbonated) and something to eat such as fruit / a dactyl or a healthy sandwich (diabetics are recommended to take care to monitor their blood glucose levels). This procedure is intended to prevent a sharp blood glucose decrease and an increased appetite for those who do not need this. Furthermore, meals can be timed for about 30 minutes after administering the cannabis.

In the case of people with low or unbalanced blood pressure monitoring is recommended for the first time. The active ingredients of cannabis can cause low blood pressure and dizziness. It is advisable to exercise caution when moving from lying down to standing.

It would be worthwhile drinking 2-3 sips of a cold beverage prior to any inhalation in order to alleviate burning throat or coughing as a result of smoking.

The dosage can be raised gradually (every 3-5 days) until full adaptation. During each time period, increase the number of drops/inhalations and times for taking during the day (up to 4-5 a day / intervals of about 5 hours). Each time add one drop / inhalation.

If side effects occur, continue for a few days without increasing the dose until it is adjusted (about a week).

Dynamic bodily activity should be avoided for about 30 minutes after taking the cannabis dosage.

The psychoactive effect can be moderated by eating an orange/lemon or drinking natural citrus juices.

Remember that the balancing process and reaching the most effective dosage and composition is a lengthy process that could continue from a few weeks to two/three months. Cannabis treatment should not be perceived as a type of immediate magic, but as a process of adaptation that requires persistence. The effect of cannabis is cumulative and the required dosage must be taken permanently.

It is important to emphasize that tolerance effects are possible after prolonged use and, in this instance, it would be necessary to change the manner of the treatment by adapting to another product or a different daily dosage.

Example of monitoring table in order to find balance and personal settings doses

It is recommended to monitor and evaluation of the balancing chart to quickly determine the appropriate dose. Below example table for personal daily balance, moderate and gradual increase of a few drops or aspirations: