The number of licensed patients is rapidly growing over last few years. The Bazelet Group was founded to meet their needs. It means: processing, delivering agricultural products to the manufacturing plant and from there to the client, storage, education and guidance, improved delivery systems, etc. See how Bazelet does it all successfully.

The Bazelet Group is the largest medical cannabis company in Israel, serving monthly 9,000 patients, which are nearly half of the licensed users.

Bazelet processes the cannabis grown by four out of the eight legal farms in Israel. Bazelet products include cannabis buds in sealed barcoded packages, flowers ground in a proprietary method resulting in a product of unique quality, special cannabis cigarettes, cannabis extracts, vaporizer tablets, sustained-release capsules, topicals and suppositories. Additionally, Bazelet’s operations include secure delivery to 7,500 homes every month, educating newly licensed users (15,000 patients a month in the last 3 years), guiding and providing strain-selection advice to thousands of clients and operating a sophisticated call center.

Bazelet is constructing a new GMP plant with the capacity to serve 100,000 patients. Bazelet is also developing new technologies in various fields, including new delivery methods, vaporizers and veterinary applications.

Bazelet’s experience and production knowledge, frequent feedback from thousands of clients and dedicated science are combined in order to lead the cannabis industry in product quality, precision, cost reduction and serving the needs of special populations, such as epileptic children and patients in nursing homes or geriatric hospitals.

The Bazelet Group is the largest medical cannabis company in Israel, processing the cannabis grown by four out of the eight legal farms in Israel; serving monthly 9,000 patients, and operating a GMP facility with a capacity suitable for 100,000 patients.

Educates and Instructs patients for best use; addresses patients’ difficulties and guides them in strain selection; maintains the group’s sophisticated call-center that serves our 9,000 patients; and is in charge of the monthly secure delivery to 7,500 patient homes.

The group’s technology incubator, where new products and new technologies are researched and developed. This, so far self-funded R&D effort, has led to filing of 10 patent application in the last year alone.

Designed and operates a unique modern plant and logistic center to support the needs of patients and farms, using the company’s processing knowledge and ever-growing experience. In process of constructing  a new GMP plant with the capacity to serve 100,000 patients.

Implementing Bazelet Nehushtan and Bazelet Pharma’s know-how in other countries where medical cannabis was approved or will soon be approved.


Meir Ariel  

CEO & Co-Founder

After long years of gaining experience as a leader in Israeli Army (up to Lieutenant Colonel), security and construction businesses, he co-founded Bazelet, an independent firm fully dedicated to medical cannabis.

Izhak Regev  


As Deputy Battalion Commander, retired from the military reserves. Served also in the Israeli Security Agency. Founder and CEO of a 1,200-employee security firm, which a highly sophisticated control center. Co-founded Bazelet.

Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal 

CSO & Co-Founder

Professor of Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Author of 80 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters; was involved in more than 300 industrial projects in about 70 firms worldwide, including multinational, multi-billion dollar companies (20 years with the agri-giant Cargill); inventor of more than 200 patent families and patent applications; founded several startup companies. Also co-founded Bazelet.

Bazelet Science Team

Assembled from experts in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmaceutical, Bazelet science team leads the company in product and technology developments. Implementing their rich know-how from different disciplines, the science team directs our R&D processes to create advanced solutions for needs raised by patients and industry. The team leads the innovation and research in the fields of extractions, compounds analysis, products and formulations, developing medical cannabis products to suit different medical needs. This is done by incorporating the acquired scientific knowledge to direct medical cannabis usage.

Dr. Alon Eisenberg

Medical Director

Graduated Debrecen University Faculty of Medicine; Clinical Herbalist & Naturopath; diverse interdisciplinary clinical experience in conventional, herbal & integrative medicine in the EU & Israel; managed professional medical content for a variety of medical companies and organizations; MD thesis focused on pharmacotherapy novel approaches of major depression disorder.

Dr. Noa Raz  

Senior Scientific Adviser

Dr. Noa Raz holds a PhD in neuroscience. She conducts various neurological-related studies, exploring the neuroanatomical substrate of different diseases, incorporating multi-disciplinary approach. In Bazelet, Noa leads the research of medical cannabis for treating various neurological, psychiatric and pain related conditions, incorporating the acquired scientific knowledge to direct medical cannabis usage.

Dr. Dana Berneman-Zeitouni

Research and Development Manager

Obtained her Ph.D degree in the field of human genetics and biochemistry from the Department of Human Genetics, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Served as research leader in fields of diabetes and parkinson disease, Neurosurgery department and The Stem cell and regenerative medicine center, Tel-Hashomer Hospital and she is also a licensed herbalist.

Iso Heller  

Pharmaceutical Division Manager

Retail business expert and adviser of Medical, Natural Products and Cosmetics. B.Pharm. –  Hebrew University of Jerusalem M.Sc Molecular Biology and Human Genetics – Tel-Aviv University. Experienced Manager and Head Pharmacist of number of stores in leading drugstore chain in Israel. Specializations in management, training, customer care, sales  and various aspects of Pharmaceutical business.


Dr. Michael Zviely

Dr. Michael Zviely holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Hebrew University as well as a visiting professor at Jiangnan University in China. His field of specialty includes aroma chemicals – flavor and fragrance ingredients, botanical extracts, cooling agents and UV sunscreen ingredients.  Dr. Zviely has over 30 years of experience in chemical industries, including positions as project manager, VP and in R&D. He had published more than 20 patents, over 60 articles and chapters in monographs on flavors and fragrances. Currently, Dr. Zviely serves as a senior consultant on technology and strategy of specialty fragrance and flavor ingredients to companies in Israel, Europe, India and China.

Prof. Sharoni Shafir

Prof. Sharoni Shafir is at the Department of Entomology in the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the Director of the B. Triwaks Bee Research Center. He obtained his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1995. Prof. Shafir’s scientific interests are in the areas of: bee biology, nutritional ecology, perception, learning, and decision making, and the use of bees for pollination. He has authored over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journal.

Harry J. Gwinnell

Harry J. Gwinnell is a senior counsel at the Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C. Previously, Mr. Gwinnell had served as a vice-president and chief Intellectual Property counsel at Cargill incorporated, and as a patent examiner in the U.S. patent and trademark office. He has been chosen by the intellectual asset management magazine to be one of the world’s leading IP strategists and had received the president’s distinguished service award from the intellectual property owners association. Mr. Gwinnell has his Juris Doctorate from the Columbus school of law and a bachelor of science in chemistry from Villanova University; he is a recognized speaker and author in the area of Intellectual Capital Management.


Since 2016, Bazelet has been demonstrating its knowledge in the relevant forums. This department’s conventions are a worthy place for demonstrating our various abilities in the fields of science, industrial development and ways of distribution. Bazelet participates in all of the medical cannabis’ conventions, and aspires to establish connections, both locally and globally.