Many patients do not want to feel a sense of “high” (floating) and in certain cases a sense of anxiety or paranoia could arise. These are not exceptional phenomena and are an integral part of the effects of the plant.

This effect can be moderated using a number of methods:

  • Change to CBD rich varieties / products, which do not have a psychoactive effect.
  • Eating a cube of bitter chocolate, sucking a wedge of lemon, drinking a glass of citrus fruit juice is recommended. Eating a bowl of pasta with pesto sauce, a vegetable salad with a lot of black pepper, herbs and lemon juice are also recommended.
  • In addition, one can watch a comedy, have a cold shower and listen to relaxing music etc., in order to divert the mind from the sensation.

During the initial times of consuming cannabis the presence of another person in a relaxing atmosphere is recommended.

Cannabis cultivation is the agricultural cultivation of a plant. Every plant grows differently and there are also the seasonal effect, hours of light and darkness, temperature, soil and various other factors. Therefore, concentrations of the various active ingredients could change to a certain degree in the same variety of plant from harvest to harvest.

Every grower and producer performs laboratory tests after harvesting and the concentrations of the active ingredients are recorded on the package and could vary from time to time.

Permanent Vaporizer Instruction. Video Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Portable Vaporizer Instruction. Video Might by Storz & Bickel 

** These vaporizers are intended solely for use with shredded cannabis.

In most cases, 2 inhalations from a vaporizer = 1 inhalation of a pre-rolled cigarette.

A single pre-rolled cigarette from Bazelet weighs about 0.5 g. Because of the complex production processes and inaccuracies, which could arise from this, reference is to the total weight of cannabis in the package. The cannabis weight in a package of pre-rolled cigarettes is 10 grams. Therefore, in each package there are between 20 and 22 prepared cigarettes with a total weight of 10 g.

When grinding the inflorescences in a grinder, not only leaves of the cannabis, but also the stalks are ground. In addition, in most cases remnants of the resin, which contains the active ingredients, remain on the walls of the device. Only leaves without any stalks are used in the grinding process at Bazelet. This produces a pure substance weight of about 10% compared with whole inflorescences. Furthermore, all the resin and the active substances inside it remain inside the ground mixture, which can be analyzed more accurately.

Use of cannabis through the digestive system has not been proven as more effective, but rather the opposite. Absorption in the digestive system can slow down the rate and degree of the effect of absorption.

The active ingredients break up in the liver prior to absorption into the blood stream and, for the most part, their effect is substantially less. Dripping the oil under the tongue is recommended (despite the fact that this is not very tasty for everyone). It has been proven that absorption under the tongue is more effective and faster than through the digestive system.

Studies throughout the world have indicated that frequent and continuous use of cannabis does have the potential of developing physical and mental dependence. Addiction is characterized by the incidence of physical dependence, which includes withdrawal symptoms on its absence on the one hand and a craving for the drug on the other hand. Despite the not very substantial potential, attention should be paid to the occurrence of these symptoms.
Furthermore, attention should be paid to the occurrence of tolerance.

Almost every substance that is consumed in large quantities over time and that upsets the body’s balance, causes the growth of a number of receptors to the substance and the need for an increased dosage and concentration in order to reach the desired effect. Recent studies have indicated that, on the termination of use of cannabis and, within a relatively short period, the quantity of receptors returns to the basic level prior to use.

It would be expedient ending cannabis use in a process based on a gradual decrease until completely stopping. Terminating use after continuous use could gain expression in withdrawal symptoms that include: Agitation, nervousness, a low sensitivity threshold, concentration difficulties, headaches, sleeplessness or dietary disorders. There might also be a sense of craving for cannabis. Precisely as on initiating the use, here too the cessation process must be planned in order to prevent these phenomena.

Excretion of cannabis from the body:

A substantial percentage (80-90%) of the active ingredient, the THC and the products of its breakdown are excreted from the body within about 5 days. Most of it is excreted through the digestive system and about 20% through urination. Excretion of all the cannabinoids and the products of the breakup that can be monitored in examinations takes place up to 21 days after consumption. Traces of the active ingredients can even be found up to 3 months after use in an examination of the hair.