General usage warnings and restrictions in medical cannabis

The cannabis product is defined as a dangerous drug and therefore its use is for medical purposes only.

Do not perform activities that require high concentration, such as operating heavy machinery or driving.

Prevent poisoning: Cannabis products should be kept in a closed place out of the reach of children.

If the product is taken in overdose or by children, immediately consult the hospital’s emergency room and bring the product packaging.

Do not consume cannabis in the dark.

It is absolutely forbidden to use dangerous drugs in the presence of minors.

It is absolutely forbidden to use a dangerous drug in public.

Do not exceed the recommended dose without a doctor’s instruction.

Do not transfer this product to another person. This would mean drug trafficking, which could lead to criminal registration.

When using smoking products, fire precautions should be taken.

Each product is intended for consumption in the appropriate form of supply. Do not exceed precise and recommended use. For example: Do not swallow the inflorescence, etc.

During using cannabis monitor how that active substance in cannabis influence on response times and atention, distance and spatial perception.

Sudden cessation of cannabis use may affect appetite, sleep, or abnormal emotional response.

Alcohol consumption: Drinking alcoholic beverages during treatment may increase the various and undesirable effects of medical cannabis. It is recommended to avoid completely at the beginning.

It is not recommended to add to the content of cannabis product, additives to other substance (such as tobacco) so as not to impair the medical efficacy of treatment.