Guiding Center

Bazelet Pharma has a national call center that coordinates the activity of several legalized growing farms in Israel, the center provides service to thousands’ of patients across the nation that requires the cannabis medication quickly and efficiently.

The ordering center operates during weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm, in addition to it, the company operate an online store, to support and benefit the patients’ welfare anytime, especially during the weekend.

The call center also operates an integral guiding and training department for the patients.

The guiding and training center was established by Bazelet Pharma following extensive knowhow that was acquired and assimilated during the many years of treating patients who needed the medication, the guiding and training team, are very knowledgeable and educated about the process, as they performed – and keep on performing – thousands of various types of trainings, for the benefit and wellbeing of the patients, anytime anywhere.

The guiding and training department representatives – that also includes a team of nurses that arrives even to the patient’s home – provides the education and training in the comfort of their home, their natural environment, while collaborating with their families, to ensure that that they will receive the appropriate medication (species, oil, cigarette). After the personal guidance and training in the client’s home, personal assimilation takes place, over several weeks.

The guiding department representatives, are connected via unique technology to the center’s data base, and react in real time to patients that require training support. The team and services are available to the patients, every day for Q&A.