The company owns a world class unique and innovative NLC that has been constructed in accordance with the patients and growing farms’ needs, all coupled with the company’s accumulated vast experience.

The NLC receives the medical grade cannabis from the different farms, and produces all the existing products according to the law.

The NLC is constructed
of six complexes:

  • Controlled and monitored déshydrations facility.

  • Buds packaging facility.

  • Cigarettes production and packaging facility.

  • Laboratory and extraction facility.

  • Non marketable materials extermination facility (rest of the plant’s parts such as: leaves, stems, roots, and buds that did not undergo lab testing).

  • secured storage bunker.

The national logistic center has many advantages, primarily:

  • The ability to handle immense quantities in a short time span – it has a processing capacity of up to 10 tons of raw material per month.

  • Advanced technologies – the facilities’ apparatuses, are equipped with all the necessary systems, of climate and humidity control, packaging means, lab and extraction fabrication.

  • Uncompromising security: the complex is secured with armed guards 24 hours a day, it’s also equipped with various control and alarm systems, dozens of cameras, local control room, Police approved remote control center, and guarded by specially trained attack dogs.

  • 24/7 Remote control center: the overall NLC as well as each of its facility including the secured handling and delivery systems, are monitored, observed and managed by the control center that oversee all the stages.