The Bazelet Group was founded five years ago in order to meet the biggest need of the legal cannabis industry at the time – securing the cannabis farms. As the number of licensed patients increases, so do the needs that must be met, including processing, delivering agricultural products to the manufacturing plant and from there to the client, storage, education and guidance, improved delivery systems, etc. Bazelet grew to address these needs.

Bazelet Nehushtan has constructed a unique and modern plant and a logistic center according to the needs of patients and farms, using the company’s ever-growing experience. The recently approved new Israeli regulation adds more demands on the one hand, and will drastically increase the number of patients on the other. Bazelet Nehushtan’s next GMP plant is designed to address these needs and opportunities.

Bazelet Pharma is in charge of best employing and further improvement of the years-long Intimate knowledge and experience with thousands of patients: education and Instruction of newly licensed users for best use, addressing patients’ difficulties and guiding them in strain selection. Bazelet Pharma maintains the group’s call-center and is in charge of the secure delivery to patient homes (450,000 deliveries in recent years).

Bazelet KnowHow is tasked with implementing Bazelet Nehushtan and Bazelet Pharma’s know-how in other countries where medical cannabis was approved or will soon be approved.

Bazelet Technologies is the group’s technology incubator, where new products and new technologies are developed. This, so far self-funded R&D effort, has led to filing of 10 patent application in the last year alone. Some of our recent results are exciting and highly promising.

Whether you are an investor, grower, physician or pharmacist, Bazelet offers a wide range of collaboration opportuni-ties!