IMC Agriculture Ltd. Is one of the largest and foremost suppliers of Medical Cannabis in Israel, providing medical cannabis for over thousands of patients. IMC is privately held and has been operating under a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health since 2008.

IMC has developed a unique range of cannabis varieties that focus on increasing the efficiency of the active ingredients, mainly THC and CBD ,in the plant. Our varieties provide relief and ease for patients who suffer from various medical conditions such as the Parkinson Disease , HIV, Cancer, the Tourette syndrome , ALS, MS , Crohn-Colitis ,PTSD , Chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia etc.

IMC’s facilities are located in the southern part of Israel ,where the climate is mostly suitable for cannabis cultivation. The farm 8,000 sp. meters, is secured in accordance with the demands of the Israeli police.

WE at IMC are constantly developing new cannabis strains in order to offer our patients a wide selection of choice in order to keep up with their changing need


THC – 20-25%

CBD – 0.1%

A cross between Cheese and Space Queen. This cross has three phenotypes, so the appearance of the buds may vary. Mostly, the buds are dense and dark green in color with bright orange hair.

The Dairy Queen has a unique cherry and cheesy aroma, with a smooth flavor resembling ice cream. This mostly Sativa strain is excellent for use in all hours of the day and night, since it has a relaxing effect without clouding the senses. The Dairy Queen is mostly used for the treatment of chronic pain, lack of appetite, Chron’s disease, Parkinson, MS, Sarcopenia and Insomnia


THC – 24-28%

CBD – 0.1%

Best consumed during the night. Very effective for pain relief and alleviating migraines and chronic pain, insomnia and eating disorders, as well as anxiety disorders.


THC – 7-9%

CBD – 7-12%

Paris’s high CBD and THC content makes it an especially potent strain for oncological patients. Best consumed during the day, Paris is effective for pain relief, mood enhancer and muscle relaxant.

Canndoc Ltd is a registered company founded in 2009 by pioneers of the Israeli cannabis industry. The company operates under license granted by the Israeli ministry of health. Our staff is proficient in the entire production cycle. Cloning, vegging, flowering and harvesting, as well as post-production processes such as trimming, drying, and curing.

Canndoc’s nurseries and production facilities are located in a secure location in northern Israel and are operated accordance to our strict production protocols, these are based on our vast knowledge both in theory and in practice. It is these protocols & methods which assure standardized, stable high quality crops in each and every growing cycle.

Canndoc’s leading team includes experienced professionals in all the relevant fields of the cannabis industry. From development, cultivation, and processing to sales & distribution to our patients.

Our vision is to continue leading the way to excellence in both development and production of the highest grade medical cannabis.


THC – 15%-20%

CBD – <0.1%

A balanced hybrid. The strain was created by crossing several sativa and indica landraces. Buds are typically “white” with sticky, crystal-like resin. The aroma is sweet, with pungent notes of cedar and black peppercorns. This strain produces a powerful full-bodied effect that relaxes both body and mind. These characteristics make it a popular strain among patients suffering from chronic aches and pains, anxiety, PTSD, as well as headaches and migraines.


THC – 17%-22%

CBD – <0.1%

A sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain’s ancestors include well-known genetics such as northern lights and super skunk. Buds are of medium density but are packed full of thick and potent trichromes. The effect is strong yet clear-headed and uplifting. The aroma is earthy, pine-scented with a sweet & sour fragrance. These characteristics make it a popular strain among patients suffering from stress, depression, & fatigue. It is also beneficial for treatment of symptoms such as; lack of appetite, and headaches.


THC – <1%

CBD – 10%-15%

Based mainly on sativa genetics. This strain produces dense, medium to large sized buds, the aroma is fruity with notes of citrus & berries. The effect is body relaxing with little to no psychoactive effects. The uniqueness of this strain is its very low THC content and its very high CBD content. Medical studies indicate that high CBD levels can help prevent or reduce the occurrence of seizures. CBD is also known to possess strong anti-inflammatory qualities, which help alleviate pain in diseases like fibromyalgia & Crohn’s disease, etc.

Seach Company grows medical cannabis from carefully selected species since 2008.

We offer a variety of strains and products suitable for various patients and disease types. We commit to year round medicine/plant availability and provide personalized service.

We are an agricultural company that keeps the Sabbath and have been family owned for over 60 years. All products are Kosher Mehadrin and approved by Rabbi Zarytzki.

At Seach we grow our cannabis in closed greenhouses with a regulated climate and detached soil and substrate, maximizing each plant’s natural medicinal value.

Harvesting takes place when the bud reaches its exact optimum ripeness.

Tachllta Till (cyan Missile)

THC – 20-25%

CBD – 0.1%

Noble and royal cannabis strain, delicate buds, dense and juicy, helps to keep mental focus.Powerful and unforgettable flavor. An amazing bud with shades of purple, a very thick carpet of white resin with orange hair and a light green tone beneath it all.

Effect:Reduces stress and relieves pain. Body and soul enter an instant relaxation. In moderate doses, patients are able to operate properly.

Particularly suitable for: Chronic pain, digestive disordersproblems, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety. Outstanding medical strain. Strong Indica.

Argvana Heart

THC -6-9%

CBD – 7-11%

A very deep and strong aromas of Indica, with a sweet citric fragrance and a hint of grapefruit combined with the sweetness of honey. This strain balances a strong physical effect with a relaxing and analgesic one.

Effect: relieves therapeutic pain and helps relaxation, which helps in a variety of medical situations. Psychoactive effects. Moderate relative to other species, but with a strong medical action.

Particularly suitable for difficult situations such as slipped discs, injuries from road accidents, arthritis, brain cancer, etc. It is also reportedly effective against multiple sclerosis therapy, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Jerusalem Espress

THC –16-20%

CBD – 0.5%

New Patent cultivation from Seach farms, a combination of two outstanding medical species. Flavor and aroma: Scents of incense, frankincense and myrrh, mostly for smoke. Backdrop of coffee and skunk. Deep floral aroma. Flavors of wood and incense combined with a strong skunk. Incredibly juicy.

Effect: Improves mood, good for pain and against nausea; excellent for sleeping, relaxing and reducing stress and anxiety.

With over 7 years of experience in Israel, BetterTM is one of the only organic, chemical free, international producers of Medical Grade Cannabis. BetterTM strives to provide specialized treatment tailored to the unique medical needs of its patients.

Our commitment to organic production reflects its products’ exceptional quality and dedication, developed through years of experience in both California and Israel.

As one of the first and largest Medical Grade Cannabis licensed producers in Israel, BetterTM has gained invaluable experience in growing high yields of quality organic Medical Grade Cannabis. BetterTM continuously develops unique strains to address a variety of medical needs.

Persian Kush

THC – 22-24%

CBD – 0.01%

Strong long-term effect, Helps relieve severe pain, relaxing the body, uplifting mood, calms stress and appetizing. with dominant sweet and sour taste and fruity fragrance.

White Widow

THC – 14%-16%

CBD – 0.2%

Strong effect, helps relaxing and calms the mind, uplifting mood, calms stress, help appetizing, helps sleep, with unique earthy strong taste and fragrance.


THC – 15-17%

CBD – 0.01%

Strong effect but allows being active during use. Helps to calms stress, uplifting mood and appetizing. With earthy fragrance and sweet fruity taste.

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